Happy New Year’s Eve!

Tomorrow we start a brand new year, and it brings with it many wonderful yet bittersweet changes. I am headed to Ireland to begin my course at the Ballymaloe Cookery School, and I am thrilled beyond words…but leaving a wonderful place like Polyface makes it very bittersweet indeed! I have had a wonderful time writing to you all and reading your comments. I’ll be checking in here at the Hen House as a correspondent from Ireland several times while I am in culinary school, so you can watch for those updates here. If you are interested in following my journey at Ballymaloe, please feel free to follow along at my personal blog.

mimMiriam Gust will be blogging here at the Hen House on Tuesdays starting after the new year. She was a 2013 intern and is a wonderful addition to the Polyface team. I know she will have lots of great things to share in her posts, so be sure to tune in on Tuesdays!

Wishing you a very meaningful and memorable 2014 – may you all be able to take a few steps further towards your farming dreams, whether that’s a few chickens in the backyard or obtaining one thousand acres. Cheers to a new year!

With gratitude,

Brie Aronson

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About Brie Aronson

Brie Aronson came to Polyface from southern California. During college, she was diagnosed with food allergies and had to begin asking about the source of every single thing she put in her mouth. This led to an interest in all things food and she sought out a way to learn how it can be produced ethically and sustainably. Her desire is to help people shift their focus from counting calories, being intimidated by their kitchens, and being disconnected from the land to one that experiences the life-giving enjoyment of food. Having completed the internship in summer 2010, she now assists with the buying clubs and sales building, leads school tours of the farm, and will be the summer 2012 farm cook.

4 Responses to Happy New Year’s Eve!

  1. Sahaphap says:

    I wish you a very warm and joyful new year. May your journey always bring in many memorable times. God bless you with love and care.

  2. Joe Hernandez says:

    Happy New Year. Have a safe and interesting trip tomorrow. “May the wind be always at your back”, Joe

  3. Donna says:

    I am so looking forward to following you during your experiences over the pond!! Maybe you’ve transformed into a duck!
    Sounds like the Hens are flying the coop and the pullets are coming in!!!!!
    Will miss you, Jill, and Erin – hope you all lay “Jumbo” experiences in your new accounts of life, while the pullets “start up” for the coming season with “nests” of new learning and “rations” of rich experiences that cause “regular production” with Polyface family!! 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    Wow! Ireland…sounds like a dream come true. I hope to learn more through your posts about the cuisine over there!