The Story: Part 2

Well, I decided to stay on because I loved farming, but with full knowledge the internal turmoil over Eric would continue.  I left at the end of October and went home for two months.  While at home I thought about Eric a lot, wondering what he was up to and if I even entered his thoughts.  I had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas at home surrounded by my family.

I pulled into Polyface again on January 2nd, 2012.  Honestly this time I was scared.  Most people were still away on Christmas break and I felt all alone.  I hardly slept the first night wondering if I had made the right decision in coming for a year.  A year of working with Eric everyday.

The first few days I tried to immerse in work.  It wasn’t hard to do since we had intern check outs coming and going for the first two weeks.  That meant lots of fixing meals, housing people, running people back and forth to the airport, and keeping them busy with projects.

Eric got back from Christmas break a few days after me and for a while I felt tense and awkward around him.  During the spring I did work hard long hours.  But I was enjoying it and becoming more comfortable in my work.  I know this sounds completely contradicting but I really, really enjoyed myself when I got to help Eric around the farm. 🙂  This enjoyment changed drastically when interns came summer 2012.  All of the sudden I wasn’t working with Eric anymore.  Other people got to be his helpers and my heart struggled for 3 weeks before I was able to accept my new “demotion.”


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About Leanna Hale

Leanna Barth, born and raised in NC, first came to Polyface in July 2010 to attend one of the Intensive Discovery Seminars. She loved it so much that she applied for an internship position and was accepted for the 2011 season, after which she took the inventory/gardener position. Before coming to Polyface, she sold produce from her family’s market garden, along with homemade baked goods. This venture was mostly inspired by having read “You Can Farm” by Joel Salatin. Having always loved the outdoors, animals, and gardening Leanna is excited about this coming year, all that she will learn, and how the Lord will use this job later on in her life.
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2 Responses to The Story: Part 2

  1. Donna says:

    Congrats this weekend!! Love reading your story! Looking forward to the conclusion – or I should say the “beginning”!!