A Little Bit About The Incubator

The incubating here at Polyface continues to go well.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we are breeding Barred Rock roosters with Rhode Island Red hens.  The reason we are using this combination of birds is because this is what we have right now. The hens are a couple years old and we are using them because they are alive and well. The roosters are a bit younger. We are not concerned with any specific breed mix, we just want to use chickens that are strong and healthy.

The incubator Joel bought is the Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Advance. It has three setting shelves that turn automatically and hatching area at the bottom of the unit. It is capable of holding around 270 setting eggs plus about 80-90 in lock-down for hatching.  Joel also bought the optional advance humidity pump which has been completely worth it. Between the humidity pump and the controls on the incubator, learning to hatch has been a snap so far!


The incubator. Two shelves are loaded, there are hatching trays are at the bottom, and the humidity pump is on top.





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About Heather Juda

Heather was born in Atlanta, GA, but spent 19 years in Colorado before moving to Virginia. She came to Polyface for the 2012 internship and has stayed on as the first female apprentice. She became interested in the food industry when she was in high school, and over the years sought to eat in a healthier way through community gardening, hunting and supporting local farmers. She had a very blessed and “comfortable” life in Colorado complete with a good IT career and condo, but on a calling from the Lord, she left it all to start a new life in farming at Polyface. She looks forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for the future and hopes to use what she learns at Polyface to provide healthy food for people!

4 Responses to A Little Bit About The Incubator

  1. Charles says:

    I’m pretty sure you already know this info. But by using Barred Rock hens and RIR roosters you end up with black sex link chicks. This makes sorting out roosters easier because they have white spots on their heads.


  2. what i though is charles said. way to go

  3. Incubation can successfully occur artificially in machines that provide the correct, controlled environment for the developing chick.

  4. Larry Bailey says:

    Heather: It is 2015…can you give us an update on the incubator project or refer me to the person now managing it for an update on successes and failures etc? or you can email me at riskman1 at gmail dot com

    Thanks Larry