My Biggest One Yet!

Life here at the farm has continued to be full.  Stay tuned for a further explanation next week. 🙂

But for now I wanted to share what I found in my garden Tuesday!  The biggest potato I have ever grown!  This beauty weighted in at 1.5#s!

IMG_1198What giant things have you been harvesting?

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  1. Last year I harvested a 5.5 pound sweet potatoe! I am really curious to see what I will dig up this year.

  2. Wow! Some nice big potatoes being grown by both of you. I have yet to try potatoes but I know I should. It’s hard to find organic potatoes in the stores that last very long without sprouting.

    • That’s actually how I got my potato plants this year! 🙂 I popped an organic sprouting potato into the ground and it has gone crazy. I have never tried this before, but when I pull it up, I can let you know if it worked!

  3. This is our first year raising horseradish. The plant is huge. The leaves are 3 feet tall. Can’t wait to see what’s underneath.