Our Sweet Brie…

Most of you are familiar with Brie from this blog or if you’re really lucky you’ve visited the farm and met her in person. You’ve seen her sparkling eyes, heard her sweet angel voice and left the farm knowing the world is a better place because she’s in it. She’s the kind of girl you pick flowers for. She will inspire you to do things that you never thought were395254_292627780794055_113288855_n possible.

The following video is about her. A big thanks to our dear friend Shrader who helped her put this together. I don’t know what we’ll all do without her. I’m going to have to start my own campaign to raise money so I can go visit her. ha! Please help us share this…it makes me so sad to think about her leaving us but I know the world needs her!

Love you lil sis! xoxo

The Good News of Food

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About Wendy Gray

Born and raised in Staunton, Wendy left small town life for college in Richmond only to return to back to her cherished hometown. She's been working for Polyface since February 2008 doing PR/Mktg, helping to run the farm store, assisting Joel with his busy schedule, organizing special events on the farm and in the community, bugging Daniel and planting herbs wherever she can find space!

3 Responses to Our Sweet Brie…

  1. Cyndi Lewis says:

    No……! You can’t lose Brie… Actually I think it’s wonderful that she’s off to cooking school. Enjoy this new adventure Brie!

  2. Emily says:

    I was just at the last PIDS and enjoyed your time speaking right before we left. As a constantly recovering disordered eater, I appreciate your efforts to make food something to love and be close to and enjoy. Congratulations on your new adventure. I know Polyface will miss you. The food you served us was amazing! Thank you!