Inspiration for your Tuesday

Hello everyone! Here’s a grab-bag assortment of fun and inspiring things I’ve come across in the food world lately…


~ Microgreens. My friends Phil and Deirdre Armstrong over at Harvest Thyme Herbs gifted these to me last week. Let’s hear it for early spring greens!

~ Denmark’s renown restaurant Noma has been named “Best Restaurant in the World” (can you go up from there?!) and has a simple and incredible guiding mission: In an effort to shape our way of cooking, we look to our landscape and delve into our ingredients and culture, hoping to rediscover our history and shape our future. We look, we delve, we rediscover and shape. I love the noble things we can do with food.

~ Michael Pollan’s latest interview was a goldmine of good quotes. One of my favorites: “…We have learned to see that food is not a ghetto, it is a door. You can use food to talk about the environment. You can use food to talk about culture. You can use food to talk about politics. And people took a good hard look at how their food was being produced, and they didn’t like what they saw. They didn’t like the way chemicals were being used on apples, and they didn’t like the fact that we were feeding cows to cows. But what’s driving it now is not just fear but pleasure—people have found that food gives them a lot, it gives them things that they aren’t getting elsewhere in their lives.”

~ Let’s be honest – when we talk about sugar, we usually talk about its negative effects on our health, how we shouldn’t eat it, or the shame we feel when we partake of it. Lauren over at the Empowered Sustenance blog has a fascinating and articulate take on sugar that’s not condemning, but actually quite freeing.

~ A lovely look into the life of a shepherd and cheese-maker from Tiger in a Jar Productions and The Cook’s Ateliersee the video here.


Be inspired, readers – and share in the comments what has been inspiring you lately!

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  1. mel richter says:

    Any updates on brie going to cooking school?