New Life

The official first day of spring is only a few days away, it is also our third wedding anniversary, so that makes it doubly exciting!

One more sure sign that spring is in the air are all the baby animals being born.  The promise of new life after the cold winter months is inspiring to say the least, and having a toddler in the house to take it all in and respond for the first time to other little ones is even more fun.

Last week we went and visited our friends at Creambrook Farm and saw their new little Jersey calves.  I was smitten and Ralph enjoyed “little” Rose too.

100_4820 100_4821

We also received our first batch of broiler chicks on Thursday and are enjoying the sweetness of them!

IMG_2816 IMG_2812

What new signs of spring have you seen lately?

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About Erin Phelan

Born and raised in western Michigan, Erin came to Polyface first as an intern in the summer of 2009. While here she met and got to know Grady Phelan, an apprentice at the time. The next spring they were married and after a couple years in Oklahoma they are back, working as sub-contractors for Polyface. Erin keeps herself busy with the jobs of a wife and mother, as well as helping with the animals, gardening, sewing, cooking, baking, knitting and reading.

13 Responses to New Life

  1. Marilyn says:

    Adorable. I love the chick waterers too. Such a nice place for a chicky! Our signs of spring up here in Michigan are the return of the turkey vultures, sandhill cranes, red-winged black birds, wonderful bird mating calls and daffodil emergence! Bring it on! It has been a long winter.

    • Erin Phelan says:

      It’s so nice to see all those birds coming back 🙂

      • Mary Kelley says:

        Hi Erin, I hope this is the right place to ask a questions. 🙂 We have 89 Rhode Island Reds that are about 6 weeks old and doing very well. We haven’t put them out in their pen yet because of unusually cold and wet weather here in Arkansas. Today we noticed that many of the chickens are getting pecked above their tails by the other chickens and several of them are bloody. We are feeding GMO free chicken feed, with probiotics, minerals, etc. Is this a sign of a deficiency? We have been picking them grass daily and putting it in the brooder. They love it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mary from Mountain Meadows Farm in Arkansas.

        • Erin Phelan says:

          Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, Mary! How are your chickens doing? Sounds like they may be deficient in something, just not sure what. If you still are having issues you might contact Fertrell and talk with them about what your feed may be lacking.

  2. Tasha says:

    LOVE the pictures. And I too noticed the chicks waterers, very nice.
    Many signs of spring here in SE Texas, but a favorite is watching the birds. Particularly the Robin. And all the azaleas in bloom.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Leilani says:

    Today the sign of spring was me in the yard puttering. I have so much school work to do but I was dying to get outside and work on spring cleanup. Adding rabbit compost to the herb beds and evaluating what made it through the winter of neglect and what to add is the best therapy on the planet. We should be past having freezes so the dead stuff got trimmed off the banana trees and the lemongrass clumps. I love this time of year in north Florida, soon it will bee too hot to really enjoy garden work.

  4. Cyndi Lewis says:

    Erin, you were raised in West Michigan so you will understand when I tell you it snowed here yesterday. However it snows and then melts so that is my sign that spring is on its way.

  5. Erin Phelan says:

    I understand, it’s just a part of the warming up process there in the north. So glad that soon all your snow will be gone for the season, it can be depressing after awhile.

  6. says:

    Hi Erin and all the “hens”. Really love reading your blog. For my 60th birthday our 2 sons, daughters in law and 2 granddaughters visited and had a tour by Joel 1 1/2 years ago. LOVED IT. I would really like to be able to SEARCH for topics on your hen house site. If there is a way, I have not found it. I am also Gluten Free now and find it VERY HELPFUL when there are recipes with almond flour and anything but wheat. We live in Highland Park, Illinois. Our oldest son just bought a home with an established mixed fruit orchard and we are all looking forward to learning and eating and canning etc in the coming seasons.

    Sally Laegeler

  7. Depressing indeed! It snowed again today! And then rained on top of it in true Michigan style. Gotta love that special whitish-grey hue of Michigan winter sky. 😉 I’ll tell you what, though, nobody – NOBODY – loves spring more than people in Michigan. You hit the first day of 50 degrees and every person on the road has their windows down, music blasting and hair blowing. We haven’t had that yet (still in the 30s), but soon! Come quickly, spring!

  8. Ann says:

    I love the new babies! At our homestead, we have a new Jersey calf and eight turkeys for now. More chickens on the way and probably some kittens. My goats are due starting in May. I love this time of year! I also love the garden coming forth and all the new little plants I have started in my basement.