Handmade Awesomeness

First and foremost…HAPPY SPRING!!!

And now on to the handmade awesomeness.  There are some incredibly talented and generous people on the farm.  I just love how people on this farm do stuff, make things and give gifts, sometimes for no particular reason.  🙂   Here are just a few examples of the awesome talent around here.


This is a boot jack made by Ben. It helps get muddy boots off your feet.



This is my custom-made Leatherman holster made by Jonathan. He is an incredible leather worker.



This is a microwavable rice heat pad made by Leanna. I love to heat it up and take it to bed with me on especially cold nights, which by the way, are not going away. It is the first day of spring and it is supposed to be in the low twenties tonight! Brrr…



This is an awesome scarf hand knit by Sheri. Love it!


I hope this inspires you to make something!

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About Heather Juda

Heather was born in Atlanta, GA, but spent 19 years in Colorado before moving to Virginia. She came to Polyface for the 2012 internship and has stayed on as the first female apprentice. She became interested in the food industry when she was in high school, and over the years sought to eat in a healthier way through community gardening, hunting and supporting local farmers. She had a very blessed and “comfortable” life in Colorado complete with a good IT career and condo, but on a calling from the Lord, she left it all to start a new life in farming at Polyface. She looks forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for the future and hopes to use what she learns at Polyface to provide healthy food for people!

5 Responses to Handmade Awesomeness

  1. Kathy Ward says:

    These ARE awesome! (Especially the boot jack. 😉 ) You must feel very blessed. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!

  2. Mom says:

    I am blessed this morning knowing my children have blessed you!

  3. Leilani says:

    Simple, thoughtful things like these are the best blessings.

  4. I’m a little embarassed, but I’ll admit it. I had to youtube a video on how to use a bootjack. I didn’t even know what that was, but that thing is AWESOME! Let the handmade awesomeness spread!

  5. Erin Herner says:

    How cool! A boot jack… now there is something really useful! I love handmade stuff… It’s so personal.