Quilted Table Runner

Happy February!! Can you believe we’re saying that already?

For Christmas this, uh, last year, I tried to make as many homemade gifts as possible. Some gifts were purchased of course, but for anyone who might appreciate a homemade gift, that is what I did.

One of the members of my family requested a table runner that needed to be a certain length and width, and she wanted it in Christmas colors. πŸ™‚

I was excited for an excuse to go visit our local quilt/fabric store and off I went.

Just for fun, I thought that I would share pictures of the finished project. Of course, I worked out the pattern on a napkin and didn’t save it after I was done, so now I’m kicking myself because I can’t remember what size I cut all the pieces. Oh, well, it’s a one of a kind gift πŸ™‚

quilted table runner Christmas 2012

This picture shows the detail on the quilting. Yes, I did it by machine. I'm not nearly as patient as Leanna :)

This picture shows the detail on the quilting. Yes, I did it by machine. I’m not nearly as patient as Leanna :)

I’m still savoring the winter months and trying to get in as many of my crafty projects as I can.

Of course, as far as farm work goes, my job right now is busy with getting the buying clubs planned and up and running for this year. As staff and family, we’ve had lots of meetings getting things geared up for the fast-approaching spring season.

Work on a farm is never done, but it sure is rewarding!

What are you doing during the winter season that you don’t do any other time of the year?

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About Sheri Salatin

Sheri is married to Daniel Salatin. She is the marketing director at Polyface Farm and stay-at-home mom of three children. Sheri is passionate about clean food and is enjoying working the land along side her husband. When not farming, Sheri can be found reading, writing, sewing, baking and serving in her church family.

8 Responses to Quilted Table Runner

  1. Cyndi Lewis says:

    The runner is really pretty! My winter is being taken up by reading books on homesteading and learning to make bread without conventional/industrial yeast. I have also started writing a YA fiction novel.

  2. Audra says:

    The runner is too good. The colors are awesome.

  3. The runner is gorgeous. @Cyndi – that’s great about the novel – and it’s subject! Like you, albeit on a much (much) tinier scale, we’ve been planning and forecasting for the coming season. We are also still spending most of our evenings together, which will change as the daylight gets longer and we all get busy with other things – evenings together have had us bending over 4 different and incredibly difficult jigsaw puzzles, playing board games, and watching a couple of movies borrowed from the library. It has helped that most of us have succumbed to a flu going around, and have been housebound anyway.