Goodbye 2012,,,,

It’s oh so hard to believe that on this unseasonably warm December day (it was 67 degrees here today!) we are moving all the animals inside for the winter and getting the farm store closed up for the holidays. It’s always so bittersweet. While I look forward to some downtime with my daughter when we’re not rushing around to school, work, here. there and everywhere, I’m always sad to say goodbye to another busy season at the farm. I have included some pictures I took today so we can all be assured that all the animals are tucked away safe and sound for the cold weather ahead.

I look forward to the holidays and thank God every day that he felt I deserved to be in such a wonderful place with such amazing people. Thanks to all of our loyal supporters for a great season! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year and please keep an eye on our website for lots of fun events in 2013!

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About Wendy Gray

Born and raised in Staunton, Wendy left small town life for college in Richmond only to return to back to her cherished hometown. She's been working for Polyface since February 2008 doing PR/Mktg, helping to run the farm store, assisting Joel with his busy schedule, organizing special events on the farm and in the community, bugging Daniel and planting herbs wherever she can find space!

One Response to Goodbye 2012,,,,

  1. Leilani says:

    Here in Florida winter is frequently odd….. We have already had a surprise freeze to knock back tender things I hadn’t covered. Then back to warm (high 70’s) days and mild nights. Everything that needs a cold period is confused. Last winter was so warm until right at the end that everything budded out then we had a late freeze, so no peaches, no plums.

    Every year I am torn between enjoying the down time and stretching the seasons 🙂