Those Who Inspire

Gorgeous couple

I snatched this great photo of Sheri and Daniel Salatin during  The Farm to Legal Defense Fund Raiser at Polyface in September.  I love it!

Who doesn’t admire the commitment and incredible wealth of skills and information Daniel and Sheri embody about farming?

To this day, we haven’t met anyone who works as hard as Daniel. It’s been so rewarding to work with Polyface and learn from some of the best.

They inspire us!

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About Grace

Grace and her husband Michael manage Buxton a Polyface satellite farm. Her first passion is to align with radiant health. She knows intimately that when you have your health you can do anything. Next, her passion for vibrant healthy food and beautiful landscapes along with her interest in permaculture influenced Grace's decision to align with the Polyface farming model. With 20 years of experience in the healing arts, she feels growing food and pasture raising animals is one of the greatest healers and a true source of personal empowerment. It's been said, "if you're not living on the edge your taking up too much space." Grace lives joyfully on the "leading edge" surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the appalachian mountains where her and Michael steward 1000 acres with profound appreciation."

2 Responses to Those Who Inspire

  1. It is a great picture, Grace. You can see the kind of day they’ve put in written all over them, but those beautiful smiles are just shining.

  2. Aw, Grace, you are a sweetheart! I love you!! Xoxo