The Aftermath…

As Erin mentioned last week, we got hit with some pretty crazy storms recently! I used to live on the coast and this storm definitely felt more like a hurricane than your average summer thunderstorm!

We had quite a bit of damage, but thankfully, we are almost back to normal!

Just to give you an idea of what the farm looked like after the storm, here’s the aftermath…

Our egg mobiles were flipped UP hill!I’m happy to report that thanks to Daniel and his team of interns at Polyface, our egg mobiles have been resurrected and are back to normal!

It’s great to have a community of friends and fellow farmers to help out when things get crazy!

Happy Monday!

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Jill Powers

5 Responses to The Aftermath…

  1. Vivek Jayan says:

    I am a huge fan of Joel Salatin. Its after reading his books that I decided to take up ethical farming and settle down back in my home country, India.

    Anyways , it was saddening to see what has happened, but , having known about the Salatins in the past two plus years, I was pretty sure that you were tough to overcome this eventuality. I am happy to see that the egg mobile is back in operation. My prayers with you and wish you the very best with everything going forward.

    Vivek Jayan

  2. Scott says:

    Holy cow! Glad you were able to get it back together so quickly!

  3. Laura says:

    I hope all the chickens are ok! Did you lose any?
    I am reading family friendly farming and loving it. We live in the mountains of northern new Mexico, and expand our food growing a little each year. This year we added a turkey to the chicken coop. Harvested some taters this morning. Looking for water-wise ways to expand. God bless you guys and thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Leilani says:

    Community and cooperation always make these trials more survivable. Glad to hear that lie is getting back on track.

  5. Ruth Anton says:

    Wow! Mother Nature is so powerful. We had a tornado here, in Maine, of all places, 2 years ago, and I still marvel at the swath it cut (a few miles from our house) and how that area is recovering. Glad you are all OK.