Here at the farm, the blackberries are starting to come in! It’s such a wonderful treat to be able to stop and have a snack while you work! Buddy and I have been taking a lot of “berry breaks” when we’re anywhere near a cluster of them!Mmmmmm…Even though I pick them, I haven’t found a great recipe to make with them.

Do you have any wild berries at your house and if so, what do you make with them?! I’d love to get some suggestions on what to try!

Happy Monday!

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12 Responses to Berries

  1. Pie, crumble, crisp. Or just skip all the work and just eat them! 😀

  2. Sarah Van Leeuwen says:

    We have tons of blackberries, black raspberries, raspberries & wild blueberries in this area. I get gallons every year! I even get a few elderberries in the fall. Mostly I make jam with them (using Pomonas Pectin so I can use a LOT less sugar…), but I also put them in our oatmeal, in muffins, in pancakes & waffles – you name it!

  3. In the Pacific North West we have tiny gem like blackberries that we crave. To find a patch is to find treasure. We guard our secret but share our wealth. Besides the jams and pies of summer, I make an ice-cream that includes the buds from a sprig of lavender. I LOVE lavender-wild black berry ice cream. If the picking is not as good, forcing me to choose between pie and ice-cream, than I make a lavender-vanilla or a lavender-lemon ice-cream to top that pie. YUM

  4. I know the berries Deborah is talking about, but in my corner of the PNW, the big himalayan blackberries are what we mostly find. Ours won’t be out for another few weeks, for sure. As to what I do with them? Fresh off the bush till we get tired of them, then we pick a gallon or so and make jelly out of them – no one here likes the seeds if they’re made into jam. I will also put a few handfuls into apple pies and apple crisps through September. And my husband used to make a potent liquer by stuffing a bottle with them and topping it off with vodka.

  5. David Wolverton says:

    I recently picked a gallon each of blackberries and blueberries at a local farm. We have a good fistful or so with every meal and sometimes in between.

  6. Jennie says:

    we are also picking them from a local wild source, and are making jams, mixed berries jam etc. Im also working on a blackberry vodka….yummm

  7. Holly Larson says:

    I just made a simple but delicious salad with blackberries and goat cheese! Check it out 🙂

    Happy berry picking!


  8. We pick blackberries right up the road from our house and we love to have them just in a bowl with a dollop of heavy whipping cream on top. Yum!

  9. Black berries: My mom just cooks them quickly, like you would for cranberry sauce, then takes the seeds out via a sift until only a thick juice is left. She adds sugar at the moment she uses the sauce, for example on rice pudding. Yum!

  10. Glenda Spencer says:

    I make blackberry jelly and blackberry nectarine cobbler.

  11. Lisa Hale says:

    Don’t know if Leanna would share the creamy blackberry pie recipe we love, but you could ask her. I juice the berries to remove the seeds and put in our favorite tripleberry jam (strawberry, raspberry and blackberry). Sometimes I freeze some of the pulp in ice cube trays to pop one or two in smoothies all winter long. If it is too hot to make jam I just freeze the prepared and measured fruit and make it when it is pleasant to heat up the kitchen.

  12. Something is quite wrong with the weather or climate patterns here in Scandinavia. Since living here, I have first hand witnesses excessive blooms and fruiting of every type of currant, gooseberry, blueberry, rasberry, lingonberry, cheery trees, apple trees ETC ETC ETC. This year is a nothing year for either garden or the wild.

    At the beginning of this year there was an article expressing that climate change would hit Europe this year with all northern Europe and southern Europe being hit the worst. Sure enough it’s played out as they stated, though they were a bit vague on details at the time. Southern Europe is experiencing bad heat waves and Scandinavia vegetation didn’t really leaf out or bud break until late May. The odd thing is we didn’t even have a cold frigid winter like the two previous ones. Cherry trees everywhere are bare. Leaves on alot of trees are smaller than normal and being attacked by differing forms of blight.

    I’m going to document this with photos in my blog and see if others have experienced this strange anomalies elsewhere around the globe. Glad you folks have at least something.