Sweet Surprises!

I have had my eye on a patch of wild black raspberries for a couple months now.  The wait is over, because one morning last week there were finally some that had ripened!  Oh, they are so good and sweet!  They are coming on just in time too, because our strawberries are just about done for this year!

Any “sweet surprises” in your neck of the woods?

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About Leanna Hale

Leanna Barth, born and raised in NC, first came to Polyface in July 2010 to attend one of the Intensive Discovery Seminars. She loved it so much that she applied for an internship position and was accepted for the 2011 season, after which she took the inventory/gardener position. Before coming to Polyface, she sold produce from her family’s market garden, along with homemade baked goods. This venture was mostly inspired by having read “You Can Farm” by Joel Salatin. Having always loved the outdoors, animals, and gardening Leanna is excited about this coming year, all that she will learn, and how the Lord will use this job later on in her life.

14 Responses to Sweet Surprises!

  1. Sandy says:

    Wow! Mine are not there yet but hope springs eternal 🙂

  2. We close on our house with five acres today and I am so excited to walk the land and see what the brambles in some of the areas are doing. I couldn’t tell what kind they were earlier. I hope have progressed so I can see what fruit they hold.

  3. Brie Aronson says:

    Now the secret is out! I have some berry-hunting to do around here… 🙂

    • Leanna Hale says:

      I know! I was in the berry patch last night because I thought no one else would come around and find them. But someone saw me picking them so I figured that the secret was out already. I need to share anyway. 🙂

  4. Mrs H says:

    Delicious treasures!! Back in Washington, rambling blackberries grow wild EVERYwhere (a non-native species that was introduced some years ago, and has no natural controls!), and we used to pick gallons of them for jam and jelly and snack … Yum!!

  5. Anthony says:

    This isn’t so “sweet” and maybe not much of a surprise, but we had a huge storm in Colorado last night. About 3 hours of hail, wind, and rain. Our garden is shredded. Not sure if anything can be salvaged.

    The joys of nature.

    • Leilani says:

      I hope it is not as bad as it seems at first. It is disheartening to see so much work in a shambles.

  6. Wow, it seems like the entire planet is ahead of Sweden on harvesting timetables. First it was spring bloomings, then garden installations and germinations and now the harvest thingy gingy. I need to get back home over there.

    Just finished an environmental post on forest management and fireprevent as a result. Referenced alot of Joel’s replication of intelligent designs found in the natural world’s environments. Wish he posted more or maybe I’m just too far removed from there and out of touch with his latest ramblings. At least I’ve got the Chicken Coop. Oops, Hen House!


  7. Leilani says:

    The blackberries are coming in, I need to make time to go picking. I also need to go wild plum hunting.

    My true sweet surprise this week was when I asked my husband if his folks might have had a pea sheller tucked away in the sheds. He came back with two!

  8. Dawn says:

    Oh, they look delicious – and they look like blackberries. Which, as was mentioned above are pest to us, delicious pests. Sweet surprises around here? More rain – but that’s not sweet or a surprise…

  9. daisyglitter says:

    The raspberries have just begun turning from flowers to fruit, excited to see those babies turn colors!