A Visit

A couple weekends ago I had a visit from my brother Ken, his wife Molly and their 3 kids.  We had tons of fun and I enjoyed showing off what I have been up to around here.  My Joshua and Sarah, who are 6 and 4, years old, loved seeing where “Aunt Lanna” works and Anna (16 months) I think loved that she got so much attention since I hadn’t seen her for several months.

They loved the rabbits.


Playing in the sweet corn is always fun!












Joshua and Sarah really wanted to help me with chores so after gathering eggs they helped with washing the dirties and did a great job!

It was a fun weekend with a trip up the mountain, guitar playing, ice cream at the Split Banana, and just being able to spend time together with family.

What are some of your favorite things to do when family comes?


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About Leanna Hale

Leanna Barth, born and raised in NC, first came to Polyface in July 2010 to attend one of the Intensive Discovery Seminars. She loved it so much that she applied for an internship position and was accepted for the 2011 season, after which she took the inventory/gardener position. Before coming to Polyface, she sold produce from her family’s market garden, along with homemade baked goods. This venture was mostly inspired by having read “You Can Farm” by Joel Salatin. Having always loved the outdoors, animals, and gardening Leanna is excited about this coming year, all that she will learn, and how the Lord will use this job later on in her life.

5 Responses to A Visit

  1. I use to love to run through field corn when I was a kid. I imagine now it’s got some dangers with all the Monsanto alterations to it now days. What I also remember was doing the harvesting together as a large family and working together doing the canning at the house. Lovely pics.

    Kidding of course on the Monsanto thing. I know You guys/Gals would never use GMO Seeds. Speaking of seeds I just posted another post on germination. It has practical applications on other seeds. Take alook and give me any feed back. I love for folks to replicate what i did and reply back.


  2. Annie says:

    I LOVE their toothless smiles. Kids and summertime are a great combination….but then again, so are kids and falltime; kids and wintertime; and kids and springtime. Life is just soooo special with kids hanging around!

  3. Tracy says:

    When family visit, I love looking at our farm through their eyes. Although I never get tired of our life and farm, it always good to see it afresh and see all the good things without concentrating on the work to be done.
    Glad you had a nice visit with your family.

  4. Leilani says:

    Farm and family just fit together. Great pictures.

  5. When relatives visit, the first thing is a cup of tea to catch up on the news. Then a tour of the place – chicks, garden, etc, which usually turns into a comparison of seasons and soils and climates (we’re in the PNW, our family is in the Maritimes). And then a big meal, everyone pitching in crowding the kitchen, maybe the guys will take their beer outside and stand over the barbeque. Sitting out at the picnic table till the noseeums get to us….ok, we don’t have the weather for that, but that’s what we did last year!