Long weekends

Our farming season doesn’t usually offer much flexibility in terms of taking “long weekends”. But, luckily for us, we’re were able to leave the farm for a few days  this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary, our good friends’ wedding and my birthday (which was yesterday)!

Our good friend Brie (Tuesday’s farm chick) graciously offered to take care of everything while we we were gone and we could not be more appreciative!

We’re super excited to get back to the farm but we loved getting a mini vacay and seeing great friends!!

Happy Monday!

What’s your favorite long weekend?

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Jill Powers

8 Responses to Long weekends

  1. Charles says:

    Nice shot of the USS Wisconsin (BB-64). Not a big fan of the Military Industrial Complex. However, once a sailor always a sailor.


  2. Well since we are suburban dwellers for another month… our version of a great long weekend is one working in the garden and camping in the backyard and having fires in the fire pit. Other favorites include going up to the Traverse City area of Michigan and touring the local food system they have up there, or going to Shipshewana, Indiana and spending time in Amish country! Maybe when we transition to the country we will enjoy the city a bit more?

  3. oh, and shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone but I would love to spend a long weekend in downtown Chicago and go shopping on the miracle mile, site see and visit the museums. Maybe when my littles are older. The husband has no desire to mingle in the “Big City”. He gets frustrated in downtown Grand Rapids.

  4. Mrs H says:

    You really packed in the events, nice coordination! So cool that Tuesday’s Chick covered for ya 🙂 I love a long weekend where I can spend time with my husband, and go garage saling!

  5. daisyglitter says:

    Cynthia, we need to hang out! Your post is just what I like to do, and like you, my hubby won’t go galavanting down the Mile unless his life depended on it. We go up near Traverse City and over to Petoskey or Ludington in the summer but are stuck down in Detroit for the rest of the year. We’re going to try to find a B & B for our anniversary, but I’m not sure where we’re going yet. Long weekends are great!

  6. audio design says:

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  7. Leilani says:

    Any long weekend with my husband is my favorite. Better still is if we have a chance to get away. We are doing doing some cooperative animal husbandry for friends without room for animals but a big garden. We raise the animals and they share extra veggies and take care of our farm when we go out of town. Having someone you trust to take care of things when you are away is a huge blessing.

  8. audio design says:

    In my opinion, the sea beaches are the best spots to pass our long weekends… because we get the sea beaches very peaceful natural…