Hay Season…Is Almost Here!

When people ask me what I enjoyed most last summer as an intern, it is one question that I don’t have to stop and think about.  I know.  My favorite part was hay season, which we were thrown into the first week we arrived.  It was the first time that I helped make hay and I loved it!  Of course, part of my love of hay season was driving this rig.

But I also really enjoyed the thrill of trying to keep up with stacking in the haymow and then the break in between hay wagons when I would try to catch my breath.  I loved feeling exhausted at the end of the day and falling asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow.

So you know that I am really excited that hay season will probably start at the beginning of June!

Here are some pictures from last summer during hay time.

An awesome view from close to the top of the haymow!


A wonderful sunset to finish a day of making hay.


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About Leanna Hale

Leanna Barth, born and raised in NC, first came to Polyface in July 2010 to attend one of the Intensive Discovery Seminars. She loved it so much that she applied for an internship position and was accepted for the 2011 season, after which she took the inventory/gardener position. Before coming to Polyface, she sold produce from her family’s market garden, along with homemade baked goods. This venture was mostly inspired by having read “You Can Farm” by Joel Salatin. Having always loved the outdoors, animals, and gardening Leanna is excited about this coming year, all that she will learn, and how the Lord will use this job later on in her life.

7 Responses to Hay Season…Is Almost Here!

  1. Leilani says:

    Green with envy here. All you see here in Florida pretty much is coastal and our fields don’t look like that.

  2. Jane says:

    What awesome pictures. I so agree with your comment about the “great” feeling at the end of the day when you “know” you worked. That kind of sleep is so good. As a person that spends 80% of my waking hours in front of a computer… after reading this… I must make more time for that kind of experience. Thanks

  3. Erin Phelan says:

    Lovely pictures, I really enjoy making hay too 🙂

  4. Dawn says:

    Beautiful pictures! Haymaking going on like crazy all around here (Vancouver Island) – it’s the first time in 3 years we’ve had more than 3 consecutive days of dry weather at this time of year, and they’re “making hay while the sun shines”! The smell in the air at night is heavenly (except hay fever sufferers).

  5. The first cutting is in the barn. 3 generations working to put it all up. It was great to see my 11 year old doing a man’s work.

  6. Janet Brookover says:

    Reading this blog reminds me of ‘taking in hay’ with my grandfather many years ago. He would hook the horse up to the wagon and my brother and I ( about 10 yr. old) would help throw the hay on the wagon with pitch forks as the horses pulled the wagon alongside us. We indured long hrs. of sweaty, hot skin with insects and hay chafe sticking all over. My favorite part of hay season? That first dip into the creek that ran beside the hay field. The immediate relief from the hot, sweaty, sticky, and itchy skin was heaven. Those years of hard, greulling work are still some of the treasures of my past. Thanks for the memory.

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