Scientific Mythology: Centaurs and Mermaids Now in Supermarkets

Imagine it. Corporations owning life. If we were to have told you that 100 years ago, you’d have laughed and dismissed the idea. But that is exactly what has happened today.

Certain seed companies have patented their genetically modified seeds. It’s gotten so bad that phrases such as “pollen drift” reach our ears every time we turn around.

Folks, This Ain’t Normal!!

At the very least the companies with the genetically modified seed should be in charge of keeping their invention to themselves. It’s not the farmer’s fault that his land happens to border another farmer’s.

Think pet laws.

You have a pit bull. Is it your responsibility to keep him on your property or is it your neighbors’ responsibility to keep him off of theirs? Last I checked the dog owner was responsible.

Not only are you responsible for keeping the pollen drift away from your crops, but if don’t, you are liable to PAY. Does anyone else out there think there is something wrong with this?


But what can we do? We’re just one small person against the huge tycoons. Money is power. Or is it?

Well, what are you waiting for? Post your ideas below.

Remember – Change always comes from the bottom up. It starts with you and me.

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8 Responses to Scientific Mythology: Centaurs and Mermaids Now in Supermarkets

  1. Benji LaValle says:

    I was just telling a buddy of mine this morning. Maybe someone should start genetically engineering insects that are especially well suited for destroying GMO crops. The big seed companies would either be put out of business, or they would try to sue. If they were able to sue somone else for doing basically the same thing they are doing, they would be opening themselves up to lawsuits!
    Also, they have the technology to produce seeds that grow plants that cannot produce viable seeds themselves. If they are really so concerned with patent-infringement, wouldn’t they be using this technology to protect their patens?

  2. Charles says:

    Well, it is true that money is power. However, power and money is derived from “We the People.” The problem today, just like at anytime in the past, the people are bombarded daily with constant propaganda. And even more during this age of the 24 news cycle. The only way you can combat propaganda is with the truth. You present your argument, back it up with facts and stand back and hope that the planted truth comes to fruition.

    All that being said, a lot of the fight is with the idea that America is a “free market capitalist country.” America is no where close to even resemble a “free market.” When the “Fed” and State Government can roll in with guns a blazing on a farm like they are taking down a meth lab; what can you do? The politicians are all corrupt (90% is close enough) and in the pockets of Big Business. There is no fixing that problem. It’s as old as time. So trying to convince a “law maker” by yourself is like screaming at someone who is deaf. You have to convince the consumer and through public outcry you fix policy. Think of “pink slime” that’s all over the mainstream news. And this again brings us right back to combating propaganda.


  3. Annie Carlson says:

    There was a time when no one thought that Big Tobacco could be touched…Big Ag will have its day as well.

  4. Karl says:

    This makes me sick. To what extent has this been challenged in court? I can’t imagine such a rule surviving judicial review. Essentially what this rule is doing is forcing you to purchase something that you didn’t choose. Interestingly, the challenge of the health care law is making a similar argument — that people can’t be forced to buy something.

    Just to point out the absurdity of this rule, here are a few other analogs:
    Your neighbor waters his lawn, some of the water sprays onto your yard. He sends you an invoice.
    Your friend is a biologist and develops a super-virus. You’re at his house and contract the deadly illness. He had patented the microbe, so he charges you a licensing fee.
    The restaurant down the street hires a band then sends a bouncer around the block and demands money from you because you can hear the music.

  5. John Wheeler says:

    Benji, there are two ironies in your comment. First, it turns out that what Roundup is doing is enhancing the diseases in the soil. When a plant is grown in a sterile medium, Roundup will stunt it but not kill it. So, the farmers themselves are developing super-diseases which will likely someday wipe out all the Roundup-ready crops — and leave the soil toxic for years to come.

    Second, sustainability folks actually protested the Terminator gene and successfully got it banned in enough places that Monsanto dropped it. I tried to tell people that making GMOs self-sterile was a good idea, but no one listened.

  6. Grace says:

    This reminds me, there’s a great book by Jeffrey Smith, “Seeds of Deception”. I’ve been wanting to read this for awhile. Your post made me remember. Thanks!

    Also, Vandana Shiva, activist and author from India is a great woman to learn a few things from when it comes to standing up to corporations. She’s a hero to her country and a real powerhouse.

    • Sheri Salatin says:

      Seeds of Deception was a great book, Grace. I read it several years ago. A real eye opener.