Creepy Crawly

The long heard about, but never seen phenomenon happened to me this week…seeing night crawlers on the move.

While walking back to the house from closing up eggmobiles, with only a headlamp for light, I saw over and over again a black, shiny movement on the ground. Looking closer I realized that I was seeing earthworms peeking out of their holes and when they sensed me coming they ducked back in.

I could hardly contain my excitement and wanted to share the fun with you. I didn’t get pictures of multiple worms, but these are great nonetheless ☺.


Out Peeks the Night Crawler.

Creepy Crawly


Lots of earthworms = Fertile soil ☺

Have you ever seen this amazing sight?

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2 Responses to Creepy Crawly

  1. Dawn says:

    Ha! I’ve read about night crawlers often, but had no idea they were WORMS! Thanks for shedding light on that one for me 🙂 I don’t think earthworms do that here, but then I haven’t really been looking for them at night either…

  2. We use to go out in the farm yard at night back in Iowa and creep up on them slowly with a flahlight and crab quickly. They’ll bolt back into their burrows if you’re not quick enough. We of course used them for fishing the next day.