Dependence & Gratitude

“Eating with the fullest pleasure – pleasure, that is, that does not depend on ignorance – is perhaps the profoundest enactment of our connection with the world. In this pleasure we experience our dependence and our gratitude, for we are living in a mystery, from creatures we did not make and powers we cannot comprehend.”

–Wendell Berry


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About Brie Aronson

Brie Aronson came to Polyface from southern California. During college, she was diagnosed with food allergies and had to begin asking about the source of every single thing she put in her mouth. This led to an interest in all things food and she sought out a way to learn how it can be produced ethically and sustainably. Her desire is to help people shift their focus from counting calories, being intimidated by their kitchens, and being disconnected from the land to one that experiences the life-giving enjoyment of food. Having completed the internship in summer 2010, she now assists with the buying clubs and sales building, leads school tours of the farm, and will be the summer 2012 farm cook.

6 Responses to Dependence & Gratitude

  1. Monica Dix says:

    Love this!

  2. Kelly says:

    Wonderful quote to begin the day!

  3. Ken H says:


  4. Love the quote and the eggs!

  5. Ruth Anton says:


  6. Tara N says:

    So true! It is pleasure also to partake in the bounty rewarded to the patient and reverent hunter. He, too, experiences that intimate connection with his food, as does the family he provides for. I learned this as a child helping to process the game. It was an honor to grow up this way. It taught me everything I know, love, and respect about nature.