Dear Spring,

Dear Spring,

I think of you every day and cannot wait for you to get here. Old man winter is no fun. I’ll meet you in the garden.

Love, Wendy

(Thank you Brie for the amazing pics!!!)




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About Wendy Gray

Born and raised in Staunton, Wendy left small town life for college in Richmond only to return to back to her cherished hometown. She's been working for Polyface since February 2008 doing PR/Mktg, helping to run the farm store, assisting Joel with his busy schedule, organizing special events on the farm and in the community, bugging Daniel and planting herbs wherever she can find space!

5 Responses to Dear Spring,

  1. Caitlyn M. says:

    I love that last picture with the hen! 😀

  2. Lacy says:

    Dear Spring,
    I thought I saw you the other day… I was enjoying the warm sun on my face and looking up at the deep blue sky. Only today I woke up and you were nowhere to be found. If you’re meeting Wendy in the garden, meet me on the porch swing. Come as soon as you can steal away.

  3. Love, love, love hanging laundry in the sun!

  4. Mellisa says:

    Love all the pictures! I, too, can’t wait for spring. We are getting chickens in March (Thanks Joel for the inspiration–although I am getting more than two! Started doing ‘chicken’ math and now we have 16 chicks we are picking up!) I look forward to the growing season!

  5. Mary says:

    I just found this website today. Amazing!