Tamale Making

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all enjoyed peaceful holidays and have started the year off on a good note. I wanted to share some pictures from my time with my family the last few weeks. We have a tradition every few years of making homemade tamales with my grandma. It is quite an involved process that takes most of the day and begins with ordering prepared masa from the Mexican market. Then we assemble our family team to fill and roll the tamales up. In the last few years we have dubbed this The Tamale Squad and have made everyone matching aprons. The prepared tamales get steamed, cooled, and finally frozen so we can enjoy them later in the month. Of course we set a few aside to eat for dinner that evening!

Does anybody else out there make homemade tamales? Or is my family weird? 🙂

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About Brie Aronson

Brie Aronson came to Polyface from southern California. During college, she was diagnosed with food allergies and had to begin asking about the source of every single thing she put in her mouth. This led to an interest in all things food and she sought out a way to learn how it can be produced ethically and sustainably. Her desire is to help people shift their focus from counting calories, being intimidated by their kitchens, and being disconnected from the land to one that experiences the life-giving enjoyment of food. Having completed the internship in summer 2010, she now assists with the buying clubs and sales building, leads school tours of the farm, and will be the summer 2012 farm cook.

5 Responses to Tamale Making

  1. Monica Dix says:

    I think that’s awesome! I wish more families had food making traditions like yours; I think that eating and cooking together are part of the purpose of families. Love the photos and how the recipe card says ‘guide’. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Sheri Salatin says:

    Wow, yummy, Can I be a part of your family?? 🙂 I think this would be a great tradition to bring to the Polyface family. 🙂 Love it!!

  3. Randy Grider says:

    Family traditions are great! “A guide”… isn’t that the best way!

    p.s. I wouldn’t want to steal any secret family recipes, but seeing the over side of the card would be wonderful.

  4. Jenny B says:

    My husband loves Tamales and they don’t make them at our local Mexican restaurant so we make them at home. His favorite is just plain corn, but the kids & I love to have some with pork and green chilies too. You bet they’re a bit of work! With the whole family pitching in to help -like with anything else we make in bulk- it goes a lot faster and the kids appreciate what they are eating. They also are building kitchen know how for when they are on their own someday!

    The family also fell in love with stuffed poblano peppers over the summer and made & froze a big batch of those along with a few pans of eggplant parmesan while the gettin was good. We savor our summer goodies over the winter and it also makes dinner a snap on busy nights.

    Love your aprons and the photos- a great way to inspire others to get in the kitchen!

  5. Rose says:

    Homemade tamales !!! Yummy !! When I was growing up
    My mom had a friend who made homemade tamales
    That were to die for. The work that goes into
    Them is pure love. Mom’s friend has since pasted
    And mom is in her 80’s but to this day mom claims
    They were the best homemade tamales she
    Ever ate. Continue your tradition with love and
    Fellowship each year. God bless and happy eating!