Missing the Highlands

Mountains or the beach? It’s a commonly asked question, but I have always had a hard time choosing just one–I love them both!

My mom (mum) is from highlands of Scotland and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! The mountains and the water are right next to each other.

Growing up, we were fortunate enough to visit every other year–it was an AMAZING way to spend the summer! Ever since then, I feel like my internal clock has been set expect a visit every 2 years. I went back a few years ago, but I’m definitely due for another visit!

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Jill Powers

10 Responses to Missing the Highlands

  1. Hannah says:

    LOVE this post!!!! :o)

  2. Sheri Salatin says:

    take me too!! 😀

  3. What a lovely photograph, I am trying to work out where it is. I am on the Western isles of Scotland – beaches and mountains galore. I hope you manage your trip soon.

  4. Anne Dayer says:

    I appreciate your conflict between mountains and beach. I grew up summering at Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks in NC. I don’t feel as though I have had summer unless I enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. However, my WNY husband grew up camping in the woods. We, too, alternated our family vacations to experience all.

  5. Rob Thain says:


    Is that the Corran Ferry (Near Fort William) ?

    Rob (From France)

  6. Brie Aronson says:

    Loved reading this post while the Braveheart soundtrack played in the background! 🙂

  7. Jill Powers says:

    Yes, Rob, it’s the Corran Ferry to Ardgour! My mom grew up there and my grandfather used to drive the ferry! I’m assuming you’ve been there?!…small world!!! 🙂

    • Rob Thain says:

      Hi Jill,

      OH YES !
      I know that part of the world very well. I’m originally from ABERDEEN, but have had “itchy feet” for many years. (For the past 10 years I’m in France, where I’m about to start my farm !!!). However the highlands will always we in my blood.

      For those that do not know the Corran ferry it is South of Fort William and Ben Nevis (Britain’s highest ‘mountain’ (if you can call it a mountain)).
      When crossing on the ferry is is often possible to see wild seals and sometimes dolphins or whales. There is a wild seal colony just upstream.
      To the south is the magical Glen Coe and the “Pap’o glen Coe” (a mountain that rises from sea level to 750m (2500ft).
      In Glen Coe there is the infamous ‘Hidden Valley’ where it is ALWAYS cold, the site of a massacre. I can tell the full story if there is interest.

      Best regards (or A+ as we say in French)
      PS, is there a forum or internet newsgroup, where newbies like me can ask general questions about ‘natural grass farming’

  8. Vanessa Taylor says:

    Jill I will bottle you up some Highland sea air and bring it back for you next week, probably some rain will be included! – but I can’t wait.

  9. HomesteadArtisa says:

    Sounds like, (from skimming all the replies), we all need to pull together an old fashioned ‘field trip’. In my childhood this meant the same thing as a ‘hay ride’, or some equally exhausting hard work out in the field. I’d like to do something a little less strenuous and a little further ‘afield’!