New Years Eve…

I’ve never been a big fan of New Years Eve. Too much pressure to attend “the party of the year” and have the most fun you’ve ever had and make resolutions to be the skinniest, smartest, healthiest, most organized and put together person you know. Really? It all sounds good and I have to admit it’s fun to look at a blank calendar and imagine all of the fun there is to be had…like my  first 8k (Susan Neely Becker I’ll kill you for talking me into this!), Nutritional Therapist Training with that will last most of the year and of course Maddie starting kindergarten in the fall! I also have plans for my best garden yet and hope to have lots of fresh herbs and things to sell at the farmers market! So…I guess I have made some resolutions after all?? ha!

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About Wendy Gray

Born and raised in Staunton, Wendy left small town life for college in Richmond only to return to back to her cherished hometown. She's been working for Polyface since February 2008 doing PR/Mktg, helping to run the farm store, assisting Joel with his busy schedule, organizing special events on the farm and in the community, bugging Daniel and planting herbs wherever she can find space!
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2 Responses to New Years Eve…

  1. Gio Bellino says:

    I was just saying the same thing to my grown son about New Years Eve. It’s about fresh starts, dreams, goals and plans. Not the one night party. Make the whole year more fun by reinventing ourselves. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. Sheri Salatin says:

    No, no, no, not resolutions… goals. Sounds so much better worded like that, don’t ya think? Ha! 🙂 Love you!