Starbucks and Deer Hunting

I saw the green logo and said, “OOOoo take this exit–they’ll have the internet!”… (and,  I might have been thinking about the iced-grande-non-fat-carmel-machiato that I would get there too!)

Buddy and I are on our way back from a lovely trip of visiting family and friends and I haven’t had internet access for the past few days because we were at a friends lake house. Sooooo, when I saw the Starbucks on the exit sign, I knew we had to stop!

Our farming season has officially come to an end, so we decided to hit the road. We haven’t been at the farm for a little over a week now. GASP, I know, it feels a little weird! While we were gone, Buddy worked on some projects at his mom’s house, and then we went to Lake Gaston so Buddy could hunt and I could have some girl time.

And now, since I know you’re dying to know, here are some highlights from our Virginia road trip:

  • We saw friends in DC
  • Got stuck in DC traffic (typical)
  • went to a house-warming party
  • made a pilgrimage to Ikea (maybe one of my favorite places ever!!)
  • finished a brick patio
  • went boating on the lake
  • AND drumroll please…Buddy shot an 8-point buck! (pictures to come)
Here are some shots from my phone:
Happy monday!


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One Response to Starbucks and Deer Hunting

  1. This made me laugh. Seriously, one of the things I’ve considered as I try to become an intern at Polyface is that it will probably mean the end of Starbucks in my life(well, for four months).

    Have you tried Via? The caramel is actually quite good.