Hidden Local Treasures

Hidden Treasure

I’m discovering a lot of hidden treasures in our beautiful county. Bath County is a magical spot! Driving home yesterday from Ohio I stumbled upon this breathtaking waterfall. Now that I have time to wander around I’m learning so much about this area, so much history. I must admit I’m falling in love with this place. All it took was a trip out of Virginia where I was surrounded by strip malls and busy freeways. I could not wait to get home to flowing landscapes, quiet settings, our animals, wildlife, and trees. so many trees. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with strip malls, they are convenient indeed. But more and more these days I prefer living on land, feeling a part of it, basking in the quiet beauty that surrounds this farm. Things can get so quiet here, sometimes you feel like the animals and trees talk to you!!!!!! It’s true!

Healing Springs Waterfall


Yesterday Eric and Noah (Polyface interns) came over and took our hens and Jack, our guard dog for the winter. The farm feels different without our cackling girls! We’ve getting closer and closer to our winter siesta. I know MIchael is really looking forward to a few days off from the cows. He’s mastered the water lines here at Buxton Farm. They run steep and far into the woods. Once the cows leave we will shut down the water for winter which is a relief with freezing temperatures headed our way.

Cows in Hacken Field

Empty Nest

Last week I found time to can our parsnips and turnips. First time growing and canning these veggies for us.  I look forward to including them in delicious homemade chicken soups this winter. Canning brings a satisfaction that runs deep! There’s nothing like  including homegrown goodies in a recipe in the dead of winter.

Parsnips and Turnips for soup

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About Grace

Grace and her husband Michael manage Buxton a Polyface satellite farm. Her first passion is to align with radiant health. She knows intimately that when you have your health you can do anything. Next, her passion for vibrant healthy food and beautiful landscapes along with her interest in permaculture influenced Grace's decision to align with the Polyface farming model. With 20 years of experience in the healing arts, she feels growing food and pasture raising animals is one of the greatest healers and a true source of personal empowerment. It's been said, "if you're not living on the edge your taking up too much space." Grace lives joyfully on the "leading edge" surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the appalachian mountains where her and Michael steward 1000 acres with profound appreciation."

3 Responses to Hidden Local Treasures

  1. Amber Karnes says:

    Bath County is beautiful! Have you been to the Jefferson Pools? They are natural mineral hot springs and Thomas Jefferson (and many others) used to “take the waters” there!

  2. Michael Schwartz says:

    Where is Healing Springs waterfall? It is really beautiful.

  3. lisa childs says:

    how did the county get the name Bath….for the jefferson pools?