Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Enjoy the holiday and remember to thank the Lord for His bountiful blessings!

Also, this is my final Hen House post. It has been a fun experience and a pleasure to communicate with you all through this blogging/farming world. Blessings to you!



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About Kristen Long

Kristen Long came to Polyface as an intern in the summer of 2010. She enjoyed the lifestyle and work here and is now freezer organizer and inventory manager. Kristen was born and raised in Virginia and was homeschooled most of her school years. As a teen, she began raising dairy calves and milking cows before coming to Polyface. Kristen is blessed to be engaged to her best friend, Ben Beichler. They will be married in 2012 and manage DoubleB Acres, LLC.

One Response to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Amy Swiney says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Kristen! I will miss your posts! Best of luck on all your future endeavors.