The Grande Finale!

Buddy and Jill, Grey Gables Farm Managers

Lately I feel like I’m in high school.  It’s true. It feels like I”m in the last week of the year before summer break,and I just can’t wait until that final day. That’s what it feels like to be at the end of our first year at Buxton. I’m ready for the completion of the season. I can almost taste it. I’m ready for chickens to be harvested and their tractors to be nestled away for the winter. I want to lounge. I want to feel the spell of fall changing the landscape swiftly with magnificent colors. I want to stop thinking, stop organizing, stop planning, stop cooking (temporarily).  I want to be. I just want to be. Nothing major. Relax and reflect. Restore my right foot. Restore my spirit, my attitude, and my imagination. Dream, journal, and rest.


Matt and Aubrey Four Seasons Farm Apprentices and Wyatt

In these final two weeks we’ve had some sweet faces stop by to win the day! Matt Robertson former Polyface apprentice and his girlfriend spend two days with us before heading across the country. It’s obvious Matt was trained by Daniel Salatin. He’s fast, eager to help, and has great ideas. His attitude about work is refreshing. The best thing about Matt is that he likes to work hard and  play hard too which we appreciate. He stopped by  Buxton after finishing a 1 year apprenticeship with Elliot Coleman at Four Seasons Farm in Maine. He’s off to South America, Aubrey is headed to northern California for the winter. Smart girl! Buddy and Jill, Grey Gables farm managers, spent a day with us. Again, they too know how to work with ease, intention, and a great pace. Plus, they are adorable. It’s impressive what they have accomplished their first year of farming with Polyface.

Matt and Grace

Michelle Polyface Apprentice and Bob, GreenBriar Apprentice

Bob and Michelle showed up for chicken harvest today. Like us, they have had an amazing summer. It’s so interesting how Polyface is a stepping off place for so many eager souls. The attraction to the wisdom and experience Daniel and Joel carry in farming is truly infectious. We are tired yes but we are fulfilled to the brim. Farming in one of the most beautiful places on a piece of property that is truly magical. Michael and I have spent the last 7 months sharing our home and food with countless kind helpers. We could not have done it without all of them. How nice it is to have a job that holds promise, interest, challenges, and variety. We acclimated to almost everything that came our way without resistance. Now we get to ponder the ways to make it even better next year, for us and those who decide to join us.

Wyatt Clark

This weekend we say goodbye to Wyatt our latest apprentice. Wyatt is going places! No doubt he will do exactly what he wishes with his life. He’s focused, creative, independent, willful, and has tremendous vision. I think he will make a great teacher of sustainable systems. All kinds. We really appreciated his attitude and his desire to learn. He’s easy to have around 24/7. He’s going to see more of the east coast before heading back to California. It’s a bittersweet goodbye.


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About Grace

Grace and her husband Michael manage Buxton a Polyface satellite farm. Her first passion is to align with radiant health. She knows intimately that when you have your health you can do anything. Next, her passion for vibrant healthy food and beautiful landscapes along with her interest in permaculture influenced Grace's decision to align with the Polyface farming model. With 20 years of experience in the healing arts, she feels growing food and pasture raising animals is one of the greatest healers and a true source of personal empowerment. It's been said, "if you're not living on the edge your taking up too much space." Grace lives joyfully on the "leading edge" surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the appalachian mountains where her and Michael steward 1000 acres with profound appreciation."
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2 Responses to The Grande Finale!

  1. You did it! You made it through and you should be proud of a job well-done. Love all the pictures. It is such a bittersweet time of year, isn’t it?

  2. Ken H says:

    So glad to hear of so many up and coming pasture based farmers going out into the world!