Writing Letters…

Do you enjoy writing letters and keeping in touch with people?

One of the quotes I hear most often from my mama nowadays is her sweet voice saying “Kristen, write it down.”

So, I try to write somebody at least once a week. I’ve been living away from home for over a year now, and I’m finding out how easy it is to lose touch with friends and family back in my hometown. So, I write. I write my family, my brother in college, my aunt and uncle, grandparents, and some of my friends. (Facebook “helps” to let us all know what everyone else is doing, and it is a cool way to keep in touch, but there’s nothing like seeing a letter waiting for you from someone special!).

Who do you love to write or talk to?

Yesterday my mama and I got the treat of going out to lunch together. It was so sweet! We are like best girlfriends, but we still have that wonderful mother-daughter relationship.

I just wanted to post about my special mama this week, and encourage you to pick up a pen and paper and send a letter to someone. Mail a thank you card to someone who was thoughtful in your life this week. Tell someone just how much you love them! Surprise a family member or friend by writing down 25 things you love and appreciate about them!

Have a blessed Thursday!


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About Kristen Long

Kristen Long came to Polyface as an intern in the summer of 2010. She enjoyed the lifestyle and work here and is now freezer organizer and inventory manager. Kristen was born and raised in Virginia and was homeschooled most of her school years. As a teen, she began raising dairy calves and milking cows before coming to Polyface. Kristen is blessed to be engaged to her best friend, Ben Beichler. They will be married in 2012 and manage DoubleB Acres, LLC.

3 Responses to Writing Letters…

  1. Marci says:

    I am so glad that you and your Mama are good friends. Taking the time to spend with people you love and to write to them is so important. 6 years ago, my Mama went to sleep perfectly healthy as far as we knew and she did not wake up. I have not regrets because I was in contact often and told her I loved her all the time. Good words, Kristen.

  2. Sherri says:

    Thanks for the post, Kristen! My mom and I are really close and I’m so thankful for that, but I still need the reminder to let her and other friends know I appreciate them. Gonna take up the challenge!

  3. Donna Putney says:

    I used to write to my Mom, and now she is passed away. I am so glad that we got the chance to wrtite, talk on phone, and visit often.
    Glad you and your Momn are close. It means so much to both Mother and daughter!