Thursday Morning Scripture and Thoughts





Psalm 103:1-5

Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:

Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;

Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Good morning!

I hope that you all are having a pleasant week. This week has been challenging for me in a variety of ways, but I am always reminded how faithful the Lord our God is! This morning, I would encourage you to meditate on Psalm 103:1-5 written above.

v.1: Consider what it means to bless the Lord. We are His handiwork, and the Lord has created us for His glory, for His good pleasure. We were created to bless Him!

v.2: Cherish all of His many blessings and benefits. He has done so much for each of us ~ it is far more than I may comprehend.

v.3: The Lord forgives us. The Creator Himself provided a way for all of our sins to be forgiven ~ every sin I have ever committed has been forgiven by Jesus Christ. I am forgiven. ♥ He comforts us, heals us, and takes away the pain.

v.4: Jesus has redeemed His children! His love is everlasting, His mercy is forever.

v.5: He alone satisfies our hearts. Jesus Christ fulfills us. He loves you so much! He provides strength when we are weak.

I am not an eloquent student of the Bible and I am sure someone could do a better task at commenting on this beautiful Psalm. Please know today that if you have, by faith, asked Jesus to forgive you and reside in your heart, He has done it. Jesus forgives. He loves you. Rest in His love today. ♥

Have a blessed Thursday!



P.S. I realize that this not a usual post, but I have been so blessed by this Psalm this week that I wanted to go ahead and share it with whomever may read our blog today. Blessings to you.

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Kristen Long came to Polyface as an intern in the summer of 2010. She enjoyed the lifestyle and work here and is now freezer organizer and inventory manager. Kristen was born and raised in Virginia and was homeschooled most of her school years. As a teen, she began raising dairy calves and milking cows before coming to Polyface. Kristen is blessed to be engaged to her best friend, Ben Beichler. They will be married in 2012 and manage DoubleB Acres, LLC.
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10 Responses to Thursday Morning Scripture and Thoughts

  1. Diana Boeke says:

    Thank you for this, Kristin. Nice to know there are more Christian Agrarians out here!

  2. Sarah Van Leeuwen says:

    Very blessed by this today. I like the departure from the norm 🙂 Thanks so much for your thoughts!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Kristen! I am always needing to be reminded of how good God is. Verse 4 in my favorite translation, the ESV, says, “who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy”. Even when I’m facing hardship and it can feel like I am in “the pit”, God has lifted me from the pit; my life is redeemed!

  4. Susan says:

    I look forward to more of your “unusual” posts! What a blessing.

  5. Sherri says:

    Thanks for posting, Kristen, even if it’s not the norm. It’s so true that Jesus alone can fully satisfy us. The least we can do is bless Him and bring glory to His Name. I love following ya’lls blog!!

  6. Beautiful post, Kristen. God bless your week. He will honor your faithfulness in sharing this.

  7. Shari Miller says:

    Oh so needed this…..thank you for sharing. I really loved v1… CAN I bless Him? By using the giftings He gave me…..that is why I have them. Thank you for reminding me of that. Be Blessed, Dear Sister.

  8. Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing that humbly. It is a good Scripture. I enjoy this blog so much because each day is different.

  9. Laura Slitt says:

    Sorry but this is where humanity came from, animals as property, leading to their unfathomable abuse, like slaves.
    If the growing population of humanoids desires flesh, NO WAY will it ever be sustained regardless of justifying eating it with this so called “sustainable” system.
    The proof that plant strong nutrition reverses and cures disease in and of itself, should be enough to get people off the meat and dairy addiction.
    I encourage everyone to read Will Tuttle’s book, The World Peace Diet, and Dr. Charles Patterson’s book, Eternal Treblinka, Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust.
    As an ethical vegan, it is a profound tragedy that so much weight is given to so called free range and organic flesh and dairy since it still ends up costing the life of sentient beings brought into the world to be fattened for the kill.
    So mindless and heartless.

    • Nathan L says:


      Your post seems off topic. Your selfish focus on your own issue to the detriment of others is revealed clearly by your action of posting completely off topic. But nonetheless, I would challenge your assertion that to eat animals is any different from eating a lot of non-animals. In order to live and eat, you must live by the assertion the you deserve to live and deserve to consume the acreage of land required to grow the grains and vegetables it takes for you to live.

      Let’s say, for example, you harvest all of your own food from the forest. You are still taking food from others in the forest and asserting your belief that you deserve to live more than the other person or animal that comes looking behind you. Whether you like it or not, your existence has the potential to cause others to suffer by the mere fact that you are another mouth to feed.

      How does your world-view take account of the more probable situation that millions of animals are dying and suffering in the mechanical harvest of annual crops you and others like me eat…like soy and grains, not to mention the fact that the land taken up to grow these is now spoken for and not available for animals.

      You cannot argue for banishment of selfishness when your world view fails to acknowledge the suffering that your mere existence implies. In the end my seemingly negative post is a plea for you to ask the deeper question of why your worldview is so inconsistent.

      Just so you know, this criticism comes from an urban dweller who rarely eats meat because I have a wife and daughter to support and we barely survive on my income (but when we do eat meat, we look for grass-fed and a well-stewarded operation). I ride my bike everywhere and am an avid-vegetable gardener. But the most accurate portrayal of me is that I am a sinner saved by Jesus’ grace and the reason I eat animals with a clear conscience is that I acknowledge that the least amount of selfishness occurs when we live in balance with the rhythms that God created by His grace (even though the rhythms are marred by sin). I’m thinking of the seasons, life and death, and gathering and scattering.

      I would argue that in more cyclical-functioning societies: like the Edo period in Japan or in certain orders of the Amish, meat eating is the traditional, time-tested way to allow the most people and animals to coexist in a healthy manner. There is an understanding that everything and everyone dies, and so every decision is based on the energy-return on energy invested. But in the heart of Christians, this decision should not be made in a scientific and cold manner: It is in a loving manner that asks how has God designed us to live in balance with His other created beings. We are image bearers and that makes us stewards. We have been created with minds to strive to give animals a healthy and happy life… no other animal worries about that.

      If we released all animals from captivity and ceased to eat them, many would die of starvation. We would have to devote many more acres to grow our food and then many more animals would starve. But I don’t think this is about eating meat or not. I think this is about living in a time in which we are so spoiled with cheap food, technology, and comfort that we have lost sight of the fact that for us to live others must die… and that is only not obvious because we’re living off a glut of cheap energy and are not forced to think cyclically as others around the world and others in the past were forced to. Take away cheap energy and you will be forced to question what is the energy returned on energy invested. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something in order to get a blossoming of something else. Think of an old horse that is put down in order to free up limited resources for younger horses in order to more efficiently plow the same field.

      Or even if it would suit this argument as a straw-man, let all livestock die because they couldn’t live very well without us and our protection. Let the forests return, and then question how you should live and not take further from the animals of the forest. If you get my drift, at some point, your worldview becomes inconsistent. The only way it doesn’t is if you admit that there is no way for you to justify your life over something else’s unless you are given a hierarchy from somewhere or someone more reliable. And I would argue that given a real life situation of choosing a human over an animal, your God-given conscience would lean towards killing a baby calf over a baby human being. And I would say, it should be so because Jesus has very clearly created us in His image… an to violate that is only easy for a sociopath, and you don’t sound consistent enough to be a sociopath.

      In love,