A Tall Glass of Apple Cider

Apple juice. For me, it all started at preschool snack time. You know, animal cracker and apple juice. No snack time was complete with out it!  From that point on, I’ve always had an affinity for its sweet golden flavor. Now, there are other great juices out there such as white grape, orange, orange mango, mango peach, and the list goes on. But there’s just something about good ‘ol apple juice that can’t be beat…unless of course we’re talking about Apple Juice’s lovely cousin, Apple Cider. While both apple beverages are delicious in their own right, I think apple cider “takes the cake” on this one because you can drink it both hot and cold and who doesn’t love that?! But really, when it comes down to it, the juice from an apple is my favorite; I love it all!

I’ve already shared how I made apple pie goodness with apples from our tree, but this past week, we ventured into the world of apple cider goodness with help from our friend Bob. It was surprisingly much easier than I thought! (especially considering we don’t have a juicer*)

Here’s how we made our cider:
1. we picked one 5 gallon bucket worth of apples
2. washed the apples
3. cut the apples in quarters and cut out any imperfections
(steps 1-3 we did outside)
4. Moving inside, we used a blender to create…apple mush (the only thing I can think to describe it, refer to picture below) by placing a few pieces of apple one  at a time until it starts to blend fully.
5. Once we had enough apple mush, we poured out small portions (approx. 1 cup at a time) in to flour sack fabric (cheese cloth-like material that I found at the dollar store!). When you squeeze the pouch of mush, the juice comes out and you’re left with pulp inside the fabric
6. I filtered the liquid one more time using a fine sifter before funneling it into an unused milk jug
7. Voila! Refrigerate (or heat) and you have delicious apple cider**…and a lot of happy friends and family! (Feel free to pasteurize the juice to make it last longer in the fridge)

*Skip steps 4-6 if you have a juicer…I think I’m adding one to my Christmas wish list this year!
**Our batch made about 1.5 gallons of juice, but different apple may produce different amounts of juice

Here are some pictures of the process, and of Bob’s secret-but-not-so-secret-anymore talent of juggling apples!
Here’s the mush…Mmmmm!!

and now for the grand finale…

Happy Monday!  And now I’m off to have a tall glass of apple cider!!

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Jill Powers

3 Responses to A Tall Glass of Apple Cider

  1. Connie Jo Hamrick says:

    That just looks awesome!!! 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    Yum! Cider is the best! I once watched a series on youtube about farming in edwardian England, and they made cider by crushing whole apples in a huge granite pit with a round stone pulled by mules. Then they filtered the cider through layer upon layer of burlap. It looked so good, and I’ve been facinated by the idea of making cider ever since. I think your method might be more do-able. 😉

  3. Shari Miller says:

    I love it, although i must say that a juicer makes the process much easier 🙂