End of the Season already??


A short post today because our farm store has been SLAMMED with visitors!! Yay! People from all over visiting the farm one last time before schools start or vacations end. Is it that time already? It’s already time to remind customers to order their Thanksgiving turkey?!! Egg production is slowing down and and fall planting is about to start.  While I love everything about the fall I’m not ready to end the summer just yet. I haven’t eaten enough corn, had enough tomato sandwiches and have not had any of Dan’s (he’s the keeper of the Polyface gardens and not only grows all of our veggies but cooks them too! Amazing guy!!!!)  out of this world salsa that I craved all winter! Looks like it’s time to slow down a little, enjoy a tomato sandwich on the porch swing, shuck some corn in the backyard, have a watermelon seed spitting contest and visit as many farmers markets as I can before the season ends!!

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About Wendy Gray

Born and raised in Staunton, Wendy left small town life for college in Richmond only to return to back to her cherished hometown. She's been working for Polyface since February 2008 doing PR/Mktg, helping to run the farm store, assisting Joel with his busy schedule, organizing special events on the farm and in the community, bugging Daniel and planting herbs wherever she can find space!
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3 Responses to End of the Season already??

  1. Alison says:

    So glad to hear that business has been good! I must say, I envy the fact that Virginia is getting ready for fall. We have quite a while to go down here in Georgia. I am so ready for cooler weather! I start to feel cooped up during the summer because it get’s too hot to enjoy the outdoors. Have ya’ll had an especially hot summer too?

  2. Cam rooker says:

    We need to put in a turkey order for thanksgiving!!

  3. emma says:

    I read about some speaking tours in NZ today in the paper and then randomly found your site and you are intertwined. i live in earthquake ville and am about to run away to sunny Malborough with my daughters and raise some free farmed (free range if it comes together but my only real option is pine forest) pigs. So every spare moment away from my main job as a midwife and second main time consumer, paint/quarter horses, i’m researching and doing plans for some ethically grown yummy pork.
    Where do you use the compost that the pigs help with?
    Do you have any information about packing cattle horns with manure, burying in the ground and creating beneficial organisms?
    Thanks for your time. I enjoyed exploring your site today as we awaited our second snowstorm of the winter.