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It’s July, it’s muggy outside, and I keep looking down wondering where that new bruise on my arm came from, or how I got the scratch on my leg. Summer is the season we work towards all year, coming in like a mighty wave and sometimes being overwhelming with all its demands. So I’m finding it important to read some beautiful words about food in all its many forms. Here are several of the books and blogs I’m reading right now:

Simply Tuscan, by Pino Luongo – I picked this up in Goodwill last weekend, completely on a judge-a-book-by-its-cover whim. It has not disappointed! Luongo shares not only recipes from his beloved Tuscany but also inspiring passages on the place food has in our lives. “I believe that quality of life is something you either have or you don’t; it’s not something you compartmentalize or confine to ‘Saturday from 3 to 5 pm.’ And let me be clear: When I say ‘quality of life,’ I’m not talking about exercise or counting calories or what vitamins to take….No – I’m talking instead about such intangible pleasures as flavors, senses, emotions, and even laughs. This book will show you that these things can become as much a part of your daily life as breathing because, in my opinion, they’re just as vital.”

Jenna’s Cold Antler Farm blog, Daily inspiration from a young woman farming and writing in New York I love reading about her adventures and how honest she is about the good, bad, and the ugly involved in the meaningful tasks of farming. If you haven’t read her blog already, I recommend you start today!

An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor. A simply beautiful book on “meaningful ways to discover the sacred in the small things we do and see, from simple practices” such as walking, getting lost, and carrying water.

What books, blogs, quotes, songs, or other things are inspiring you lately? Leave a comment so we can all share them together.

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About Brie Aronson

Brie Aronson came to Polyface from southern California. During college, she was diagnosed with food allergies and had to begin asking about the source of every single thing she put in her mouth. This led to an interest in all things food and she sought out a way to learn how it can be produced ethically and sustainably. Her desire is to help people shift their focus from counting calories, being intimidated by their kitchens, and being disconnected from the land to one that experiences the life-giving enjoyment of food. Having completed the internship in summer 2010, she now assists with the buying clubs and sales building, leads school tours of the farm, and will be the summer 2012 farm cook.

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