Knights of Old, er…Today!

With as many things that have been going on here lately, I’m way behind on everything. Last Saturday was our field day for the farm. We had almost 1,800 folks in attendance and I’m still trying to recover from the day.

Today, I wanted to share some pictures from the Renaissance Fair that came to the area. We have never been to one of these and since the boys are so into knights and swords, we thought it would be fun to take them.

We were a little disappointed with the lack of educational exhibitors they had there, but the kids still had lots of fun. We were hoping to see some jousting, however we found out once we got there that the jousting was held the weekend before. Maybe next year…

Travis trying his hand at the bow.
Andrew’s turn!
A sword bigger than them all.

I can’t imagine doing battle with this thing.  I’m sure I couldn’t even lift it, let alone swing it!

A cute skit with a couple on horseback.
For only a dollar you can smash each other to smithereens. Huzzah!

This was held at Natural Chimneys and I think the kids liked the cave and big rocks best of all.

Fun day with fun memories.
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One Response to Knights of Old, er…Today!

  1. Joel says:

    Hey Sheri. If you guys are ever looking for something you can take the kids out to that would be more on the educational side of things for medieval history, there are usually events almost every weekend from spring through fall.

    Here’s a calender for your region: