It’s hot here, how about there?

I don’t know about where you live, but it’s HOT, with all capital letters, here in Swoope, Virginia. The farmers are hot, the animals are hot and the days are plain old miserable. I have to admit that I’m envious of city folks with air conditioning these days. None of our homes here on the farm have A/C because usually…we don’t need it.

The animals don’t do so well in this heat either. They wilt just like plants. We had to take extra precautions and move them all against tree lines and under shade-mobiles for the scorching days. This is the beauty of portable infrastructure. We can move to higher ground in floods, a south facing hill in winter and to the shade in the heat. 🙂

What do you do to keep cool?

I always look for the watermelon, chilled, of course. Got my first one off the vine on Wednesday and I was going to take a picture of it to show you, but somehow it’s gone. I cannot imagine how that happened! gasp! 😮

Ice cream, cold melons and berries, ice tea and good old cold refreshing ice water are all summer favorites of mine.

What is your favorite summer treat?


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About Sheri Salatin

Sheri is married to Daniel Salatin. She is the marketing director at Polyface Farm and stay-at-home mom of three children. Sheri is passionate about clean food and is enjoying working the land along side her husband. When not farming, Sheri can be found reading, writing, sewing, baking and serving in her church family.

17 Responses to It’s hot here, how about there?

  1. Michael says:

    Yes- it is hot up here too- upstate NY- yesterday was 97 with a heat index of 115- being mostly veggie farmers its all about getting the water to the plants…

  2. Get chores done early; do only what you have to, and yep, shade, cool water for the cattle, feed more towards evening rather than during the heat of the day.

    For us: Find inside work, yep, we have AC, but don’t turn it down too low and anti-acclimate yourself. We do have outside midday stuff to do, but in short bursts if possible. Not the day to go put up a half mile of fence. There will be better days for that. But haying, well, that kinda happens when it needs to, and if it’s hot then it’s hot.

    The cool watermelon is the ticket!

    Farmer Scott in Southern Wisconsin

    • Sheri Salatin says:

      I nearly laughed when you said half mile fence, because that is exactly what Daniel and Joel did yesterday in this heat. They put up a lot of fence.

  3. Tonia says:

    Its hot here. We do have AC but its kept in the mid 80’s. I hate to see my husband who is a bricklayer work in this heat for 8-9 hours then come home and not be able to cool down well. I do think he can handle it better if its not to low in the house.
    My Nubians seem to enjoy this heat. They rarely even pant til late afternoon. They have plenty of shade in the pasture and plenty of fresh cool water. Chickens hide out in the heat but are still laying well.
    Goats milk ice cream is one of our favorites along with a trip to the local swimming holes to go swimming and cool off! Doing as much as possible early morning and late evening instead of in the middle of the day.

  4. Richard Boutall says:

    In Manitoba, Canada it has been very hot too. Two days ago the humidex was 118 and my house was like a sauna. Fortunately I have a basement and that was cool enough to sleep in. Work outside was pretty much reduced to pressure washing in the barn or tractor with A/C . Cows seemed to handle it well though, I think the Fleckvieh influence helps them.

    Hope it cools down for you guys soon =)

  5. Sheri Salatin says:

    The real feel is supposed to be 118 F today. The real temperature is 101 F.

  6. Beth says:

    I’m not a farmer, I’m a nurse,massage therapist, hypnotist, reflexologist, organic food/local farm activist and a bunch of other STUFF.I live in the city, Quincy, MA. Today with the humidity the temps will feel like 107F. To keep cool I puree watermelon with a lttle h2o, freeze it into ice cubes and add it to chilled h20 with a sprig of mint or stir in a bit of blueberry puree. As luck will have it I live a 10 minute walk to the ocean, but even the ocean breeze feels firey today.

  7. Melinda says:

    We live in southern Kansas near the Oklahoma border and we’ve had 100+ temps since June 2. We’ve only about 3 days where it didn’t hit triple digits; instead it got up to 99 🙂 We also haven’t had rain to speak of since last fall….. We were just talking the other day that the heat doesn’t feel so bad anymore because we’re all so used to it!

  8. Sarah Scott says:

    Alas we are having record rain fall and low temperatures here in BC Canada. It’s quite chilly and we are envious of places with sun.

  9. Have yet to reach 80F yet here in NW Oregon, but we are enjoying the cool and not envying your heat wave! Still building a fire to take off the chill!

  10. Annie says:

    Here in ND, I don’t remember a more challenging growing season! We’ve had cool temps, flooding, HOT temps, more rain…a roller coaster to be sure. My husband checks the chickens often to make sure they all have water and then we just wait it out with cool foods and plenty of ice water. Of course, a few trips to the swimming hole make it bearable for my kiddos… 🙂

    A side note…Sheri, I just registered for the SGF Marketing School, will you be there again this year?

    • Sheri Salatin says:

      Hi Annie,
      I don’t know. Haven’t heard anything. So I would say no. 🙂

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