Ode to a Salad Spinner

Salad greens, spinach, and head lettuce are growing like crazy in the Polyface garden right now, which means Dan and I have been washing pounds and pounds of greens lately. It’s made me realize just how much I prize that trusty kitchen companion, the Salad Spinner. I didn’t have one growing up, and I always dreaded when my mom asked me to make a salad for dinner. All that agony with drying each leaf by hand…all those piles of dish towels. But now, I’m able to get those greens washed and dried in a flash and bagged up to be sold in our farm store. (Oh, and Mom? I’d be willing to make you a salad too, with no complaints!)

All this has got me thinking, readers – what is YOUR favorite kitchen gadget? Which one inspires you to cook or reminds you that being in the kitchen is fun?

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About Brie Aronson

Brie Aronson came to Polyface from southern California. During college, she was diagnosed with food allergies and had to begin asking about the source of every single thing she put in her mouth. This led to an interest in all things food and she sought out a way to learn how it can be produced ethically and sustainably. Her desire is to help people shift their focus from counting calories, being intimidated by their kitchens, and being disconnected from the land to one that experiences the life-giving enjoyment of food. Having completed the internship in summer 2010, she now assists with the buying clubs and sales building, leads school tours of the farm, and will be the summer 2012 farm cook.

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