Discussions for The Dirty Life (Question #11)

This is the final discussion question for The Dirty Life by Kristen Kimball. Feel free to go back and visit past discussions at your leisure. Link to these are at the bottom of this post.

Question #11
Kristin write that there are types of marriages: the comfortable kind and the fiery kind. 
Do you agree?


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One Response to Discussions for The Dirty Life (Question #11)

  1. Sarah Pevehouse says:

    I was really surprised at how candidly she spoke about her relationship struggles throughout the book. In the end while she seems to be leading the reader on a dark path of potential divorce she swiftly detours into LOVE! Despite all the hardships and the fights they have they are still very much in love. It seems that her trip away really reignited her passion for the farm and for her husband. I’m not sure that I agree with the generalization that there are only two kinds of marriages – though I would venture to say that you can swing across those lines occasionally and visit both sides of the types she describes.

    I think sometimes struggle brings a couple closer together – clearly it did in this case – but I also think that it can be the straw that breaks the camels back. Being a military spouse I’ve seen a lot of strong marriages end b/c the wife spent too much time taking care of everything while the husband was deployed or constantly away. When he returned the wife realized that she didn’t really “need” him there. The emotional bond had been severed by distance and shortly after the physical bond followed. I could see this type of struggle taking place in this story but with the people still living side-by-side. I was concerned that b/c the worked separately all day everyday that resentment would eventually build up around the constant struggle they both relentlessly faced.

    In the end it really sounds like they found their groove and with her short absence found profound appreciation for each others individual sacrifices and performance on the farm.

    I truly believe this book was the best form of farming birth controlI could have found! My husband and I have been daydreaming about farming and seriously on the cusp of just diving in with buying land and animals all at once – but because of reads like this I have slowed the pace way down for us. I have demanded that we get real life experience first and ease into animal husbandry. Thank you for sharing this book with me. I look forward to more book club reads.