Knitting Chick

Last summer, Wendy and Kristin Pike convinced me to learn to knit. I was pretty dubious about this and honestly didn’t think that I would like it. Not one single bit.

I learned to crochet, very poorly I might add, during my teen years. I did enjoy crochet but never really made anything of consequence, just practice squares. Fairly boring.

Knitting was a whole different ball game for me. It took practice to work with 2 needles instead of just one.  Heaven forbid, I make a mistake! Then the whole thing would have to be ripped out to correct it, not just pull a stitch like in crochet.  You, knitters, are probably laughing about now –I’m new remember. :o)

Now, I’m obsessed! I absolutely love it. I knit and knit and knit some more.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, I can even knit in the car.

My first “real” project was a hat for my daughter, Lauryn. It turned out okay, but I won’t be posting any pictures of it.

My latest project were these baby socks. I’m thrilled with how well they turned out.  Socks were my goal, I figured that once I could knit a pair of socks without holes, I would have arrived.  Well, I have “arrived” and still there is so much more to learn like cabling and double-sided knitting and the list goes on.

Like Wendy always says, “We’re just practicing for our Granny years.”

The pattern for these can be found for free at this site.  Any other knitters out there?

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About Sheri Salatin

Sheri is married to Daniel Salatin. She is the marketing director at Polyface Farm and stay-at-home mom of three children. Sheri is passionate about clean food and is enjoying working the land along side her husband. When not farming, Sheri can be found reading, writing, sewing, baking and serving in her church family.

11 Responses to Knitting Chick

  1. DrGrrunt says:

    Is the wool from local sheep?

  2. Sheri says:

    Unfortunatly, no. This is actually cotton. I was simply practicing. I don't have a good source for wool locally that I have found so far. Still looking. :o)

  3. Erin says:

    So cute Sheri! I don't have a knitting project going right now, so I think baby socks are in the near future. They take much less time than adult ones πŸ™‚

  4. Eva says:

    I'm a VA knitter and I love making socks. I'm slow as molasses (and I've been knitting for most of my life), but it's fun and relaxing (most of the time).

    Check out and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (

  5. Sheri says:

    Eva – I love ravelry! Look me up – sheriberry02 is my username. :o)
    Anyone else on ravelry, come find me too! :o)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I still have the baby socks my great grandma made for me 64 yrs ago!!! they went through my kids and some of my grandkids.. And I still wear occasionally socks she made me when I was teen.. You cant beat handknitted socks! They are a family heirloom around here.

  7. poofergirlsperspective says:

    I taught myself to knit this past fall and I gotta admit that I love it! Unfortunately I am not "great" at it yet and my time is limited with the little people running around here but I plan to keep at it. Your socks are fantastic … I am terrified of something as complex as socks, pretty sure I will stick with hats for awhile yet. πŸ™‚

  8. Deborah says:

    Good job! I have been knitting for a few years and have not attempted socks yet! Pretty adventurous for your first project!

  9. Alice says:

    Great looking socks! I think learning to knit small socks is the best way to learn adult socks. My favorite way to knit socks is from the toe up to the cuff, and in magic-loop style. I always have something on the needles. Right now it's a sweater for me. Best of luck for your future projects!

  10. Shelley says:

    Good timing! I decided this week to teach myself to knit, partly to honor my grandmother who taught me some basics when I was seven. But she was a few states away, so when I ran into problems, I didn't know how to fix it. I had forgotten that you'd started knitting too! I just got back from purchasing cotton yarn and, needles, and a knitting book. Gonna start with a basketweave dishcloth and move on to a seedstich scarf. Wohoo.

  11. Cassandra says:

    I just learned how to knit about 2 wks ago. I taught myself with the use of online videos. Right now I am making sampler afghan squares to learn different stitches. I want to learn how to knit socks also. I wanted to learn so I could go to a Knitting Retreat my local yarn store was sponsoring at Graves Mtn Lodge. I crochet very well but they were only doing knitting. Your sock are really cute and I think you did a great job. I agree, with crochet-you just pull out one stitch and correct but that is much harder with knitting. I am learning how to do that but it takes time and practice.