Balancing Farming and Schooling

4 leaf clover

It’s that time of year. As many of you know, I homeschool our 3 children. We started this year’s book learning on September 1 and it’s always a bit of a juggling act in balancing farm and school. I’m sure some of you are nodding your heads right now. (Notice I said book learning, my … Read the Rest

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“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 Early morning fog signals cooler days are in the not too distant future. As hot September afternoons usher in Fall, our first season at Briarmoor is coming to a close.We have no more chicks in the brooder, one less group … Read the Rest

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One Peachy Day :)

mm, mm, mmmm

[Disclaimer: So sorry that  my post is on a similar topic to this past Sunday's post! I wrote this before Sunday's was published, so I hope y'all don't mind a double helping of peaches! ] After being at Polyface over a year now, I’ve come to better experience – and enjoy! – eating produce in … Read the Rest

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In Season


Cooking (especially baking) really does bring me joy, just as the title of the iconic cookbook proclaims.  When you use in season, fresh, local ingredients, beautiful dishes emerge. We are in peach season in the Shenandoah Valley. I have canned 21 quarts of peaches and 10 pints of peach butter, prepared peach puree for baby … Read the Rest

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Farm Kids

Silly boys catching toads off Grandma's porch

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite silly photos of the Salatin kids on the farm. Happy Friday!


The Simple Things

0620140946 - Copy

I often get caught up in the “have to do’s”, the “what’s”, “when’s”, and “how’s” of life… One thing that I’ve learned is that sometimes you just need to take a moment to smile and enjoy life. When I say “Enjoy life”, I don’t mean go buy yourself a sports car, buy a boat, or … Read the Rest

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Cold Antler Farm…


Please help if you can! We LOVE Jenna and love reading her books and blog!!!!! – Cold Antler Farm is a small, livestock farm set into the side of a mountain in upstate New York. It is the home of author, blogger, and homesteader, Jenna Woginrich. There she runs the farm by herself, following … Read the Rest

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A note from Joel on beef price increase…


Our recent beef price increase is due to world commodity prices. Many people would like to think that farms like Polyface are immune to industrial price fluctuations, but just like no man is an island, neither is any farm an island. In 2013, the world inventory of beef cattle dipped below the number in 1950. … Read the Rest


Turkey Update


In my last post we saw our turkeys movin’ out to shelters on pasture from the brooder. However, turkeys quickly outgrow their shelters and must be moved to a new home once again. Their final destination (before the processing shed!) is a shaded gobbledygo surrounded by electric poultry netting. We make the gobbledygos with lumber … Read the Rest

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