Is Today the Day?


Richard  Morris woke up every morning asking himself a simple question: “Is today the day I die?”  Richard was 400 pounds when he rediscovered what an impact good food has on our bodies and in our lives! Sally Fallon writes “Morris does not have a bunch of letters after his name but he has a different … Read the Rest

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Kick the Supermarket Habit: 10 Tips for Identifying Nutritious Life-Giving Foods

In my last article I wrote about the importance of knowing your grocer. Now let’s go a step farther toward getting connected with your food. Tip #4 – Know Your Farmer. You should meet and know personally everyone who provides you with life-giving food. You can’t do that if you shop at a supermarket. Anyone … Read the Rest

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Spring Hatch


The first hatch of the season is in full swing here at Greenmont Farm.  As Joel recently said in the spring newsletter, “Frustrated with the quality of hatchery chicks (small, fragile, stupid) several years ago Polyface embarked on a bold plan: saving healthy, productive older layers, mating them with select roosters, and hatching in-house pullets.  … Read the Rest

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A Lesson in Patience


          Say “Ossabaw” around anyone here at Polyface and we involuntarily twitch. This breed of pig just doesn’t seem to understand our system…  The characteristic razor-back hair on these pigs is a sure sign of trouble… Kind of like a moody teenager with a mohawk (no offence), these pigs just don’t … Read the Rest


Protection Plan


I want to to quickly define “Sustainable Farming”. I love how perfectly and succinctly a definition can be found on “In simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. This form of agriculture enables us to … Read the Rest


What Does a Reasonable Person Say?


Industry farming is  ignoring the fundamental needs of animals  in their system (good nutrition, and that of being what they were created to be – unique animals), but what about the fundamental needs of the people they feed (nutrition)?   All But Forgotten. Beeves raised in confinement facilities are fed Vitamin E supplements and are … Read the Rest


Kick the Supermarket Habit: 10 Tips for Identifying Nutritious Life-Giving Foods

This is the third in a series of articles about how to find real food that brings nourishment to your body, food that is alive and supports life. Tip #3 is all about trust. Tip #3: Know Your Grocer. When you need a babysitter, a handyman, a landscaper, or an electrician, you ask a trusted … Read the Rest

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Finish It! A 2016 Finish Along

2016 iPhone 084

I hope you all don’t mind my interrupting our Farm Wife Friday posts to share some of my exciting finishes this year! Back in January, I recklessly committed to a Finish Along contest on Instagram. It’s hosted by multiple bloggers and ran from January 7-April 7. The rules are that you must have at least … Read the Rest

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Know That You Know


“Sustainable” is a term that gets used a lot in today’s society.  People are quickly waking up to the realization that it’s not really quantity of food, but quality of food that makes the bigger difference. Three hundred years ago when everyone raised the majority of their own food, the future generations, their health, and their ability to … Read the Rest

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