Calving Season

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Spring is calving season for us and it seems just about every day we stumble upon a cow licking the afterbirth from her new baby or supervising cautious first steps. The scene never gets old and we have had over thirty calves born at Briarmoore this year. John has become quite skilled at tagging the … Read the Rest

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Smitten with Sweaters


Winter hasn’t quite released us from her icy grip. Frequent freeze warnings and chilly mornings where our breath still hangs in front of us in the air keep us from packing away the few hats and coats remaining in our closets. Perhaps that is why I have been so taken with knitting sweaters lately. I … Read the Rest

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Life Abounds


As Tammy mentioned yesterday, the farm is all of a sudden abuzz with new animals, the first sounds of summer (frogs just started croaking this week!), seeds sprouting and the daily tasks quickly multiplying. We are (let’s be honest, Caleb is . . . ) moving the sheep daily, checking on the chicks in the … Read the Rest




Our family has been very eager for the season to start since, with one year under our belt, we know more of what to expect and are comfortable with how to fit in Spring chores. At the same time, life at Briarmoore has become exponentially busy over the last couple of weeks! Hens are laying, cows … Read the Rest

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Happy Easter!


“he rolled the stone away Amen, Amen I’m alive, I’m Alive Because he lives” How wonderful this morning will be to celebrate the resurrection of my Savior Jesus. I think about how His first followers must have felt those hours after the crucifixion–the uneasiness, the sadness, the fear. How lucky I am to know the rest of the story, to know … Read the Rest


Family Farming

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Spring has slowly begun to show its face, providing the occasional warm day, still mixed with the random snow flurry and evening rain.  The grass is beginning to grow and the hills are looking more alive.  Our spirits too, seem to have lifted as we find more opportunities to be outdoors, working, running, building forts, … Read the Rest


Homemade Mayo


Even before we moved to Briarmoore, I wanted to learn how to make my own mayonnaise. It seemed simple enough–simple ingredients and just mix them together, right? Well mine just never came out right. It tasted too nutty because I used olive oil and it was never the right consistency. When John became the manager … Read the Rest

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Restoration is renewal, revival, or reestablishment. Early Spring grants us a time of renewal allowing (among other things) an opportunity to re-focus for the busy summer season. Our laying hens arrived last week from Polyface and our first step was filling the nesting boxes with hay. The kids and I so enjoyed the chance to  soak up the much prayed … Read the Rest

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Winner to the Homegrown Paleo Cookbook Giveaway!


This is what the Homegrown Paleo Cookbook is all about. Check out the video. As I mentioned last week, I love this book! And now onto what we are all really waiting for…the winner of last week’s giveaway. First, I would like to say thank you to all of those who entered. I was amazed … Read the Rest

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